Super Girl Gamer Pro Championships Returns for Its Fourth Year

Photo of a Super Girl competitor suffering defeat

The Super Girl Gamer Pro Championships is returning in July for their fourth year, and it’s a big deal! This is the only female-driven multi-title esports tournament series for the United States, and they’re gearing up for new tournament play. This begins on July 10th, for a 10-week series of online qualifiers.

Female-Only Esports is Important

From July 10th until September 6th, we can look forward to some incredible online qualifiers, all leading up to the October Super Girl Gamer Pro Championships. We’re really glad to see something like this returning.

Three popular esports will be played at the Super Girl Gamer Pro Championships: League of Legends, Hearthstone, and CSGO. The finals will take place between October 3-4th, in conjunction with the Super Girl Pro Festival in Oceanside, California. There are some pretty fantastic female pro gamers to come out of this tournament too.

These include Stephanie “MIssHarvey” Harvey (Quebec City, Quebec, Canada), Emmalee “EMUHLEET” Garrido (Los Angeles, California) and more. Garrido, the Captain of Dignitas’ Women’s CSGO team spoke about the series:

“This is a really important series for women, and I am so happy to be a part of it. It’s such a great step for Super Girl Gamer to expand its reach to women throughout North America via the online qualifying series. Most people recognize how critical it is to create meaningful opportunities for women, and it’s been gratifying to watch the progress Super Girl has made over the past few years.”

We’ve spoken about EMUHLEET before, back when we reported on the women’s Dignitas squad double-dipping into CSGO and VALORANT. So this is a tournament series to take seriously, and ought to offer some pretty fantastic action.

Rick Bratman, CEO of ASA Entertainment/Producer of the Super Girl Series also spoke about the tournament:

“As part of our mission to provide opportunities for women in male-dominated industries, we are excited to expand the Super Girl Gamer Pro to include an online qualifying series. This is an exceptionally important initiative given the lack of opportunity and general toxicity towards women in gaming. The Super Girl Gamer Pro’s empowerment platform is the perfect vehicle to help propel this movement towards equality and inclusion.”

How Does It Work?

Players and teams earn their spots into the Championships via a ranking points system, thanks to the weekly online qualifier tournaments. Not to mention, registration is free, and will be held via ChallengerMode.

If you want to watch the online qualifiers or championships live, don’t worry – they will be streamed live via Twitch and Facebook Gaming, offering more than 225 hours of live streaming content. The players and teams will compete for a cash prize, as well as sponsor prizing at the Championships themselves.

Each player and team will also be able to apply for a Super Girl Travel Fund to help with financial assistance to and from the live event.  With this, they hope to help lower the barrier even further and give accessibility to as many female gamers as possible.

The Super Girl Gamer Pro Championship Series has a message supported by a variety of brands, that are passionate about the importance of this platform. Women belong in gaming and are the equal of any male gamer. These brands that believe in the message include Gamestop, the US Air Force, Nissan, Zenni Gaming, Facebook Gaming, Twitch, and the US Marines.

We believe that this is a very worthy tournament to watch and their message of inclusivity matters. You can find out more about the Super Girl Series via this link.